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Browse the official schedule of all current and upcoming concerts and live music events happening this month. Dive into the wealth of concert choices and seize the opportunity to secure the best offers on your tickets to these enthralling events. The concert agenda in New York City undergoes regular updates, guaranteeing concert-goers the most current and accurate information. Don’t miss out on your favorite concerts. Buy tickets and VIP packages for concerts in NYC today. *There are a limited amount of VIP packages available.

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  • Iron Maiden
    7:30 PM
    11217, 620 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, US
    Prices from $60

Ticket Information

When your favorite band comes to NYC, you want to be right there in the front row. The problem is thousands of other fans have the same idea. Scoring those primo seats can be a real challenge, especially if you do not have unlimited funds to spend.

  • Select your seats carefully

Before you purchase seats, check out the venue map online. Buy concert tickets and VIP packages early. Be honest with yourself about your seat preferences and price limit. Some people love general admission floor tickets, but they aren’t for everyone. If it’s important to you to have seats right in the center, on the aisle, or near the restrooms, pay attention to these factors on the seating map.

  • Arrive early, particularly for general admission shows

You never know when you’ll run into issues with parking, there will be a traffic jam, or the entrance lines will belong. Arriving early will give you plenty of time to park, use the restroom, get a drink, and catch the opening band. It’s especially important to arrive early for a general admission show if you want to get a spot close to the stage.

  • Dress appropriately and comfortably.

Nothing ruins a night out at a concert faster than uncomfortable shoes or a skimpy outfit not appropriate for the freezing temperatures. For outdoor concerts, the temperature may vary significantly from the predicted forecast or may drop off suddenly as the sun sets. For indoor concerts, the air-conditioning may be freezing when you arrive, but you’ll find yourself sweating twenty minutes into the set. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers, so you can take off or add a layer as needed throughout the night.

  • Keep your personal belongings to a minimum.

The only items you need to bring to a concert are your phone, ticket, phone charger, cash, and car keys. If you’re going to an outdoor concert during the day, bring your sunglasses as well. Everything else should stay at home.
Ditch the big purse or bag and keep your belongings in your pockets or a small cross-body bag.